Cyclops to the Rescue!

Working in the components industry, sometimes it can be easy to forget the huge impact our parts can have. We were reminded just of the importance of components last week when an urgent call came in from one of our customers…

You may remember seeing the London Rail Network grind to a halt a couple of weeks ago. Thousands of passengers were stuck and stranded for hours but with the sourcing skills of Cyclops Electronics, the problem was solved.

An electrical problem between Wandsworth Common and Clapham Junction caused trains in and out of Victoria station to be suspended. Victoria is a huge transport hub in London so getting it fixed, and quickly, was a priority for our customer.

After receiving an immediate RFQ from his customer, one of our Account Managers, Jon, had an initial check and thought we were going to have to say we didn’t have the stock they were looking for. Then Charlotte from our fabulous purchasing team managed to track the part down in Europe.

By this point, it was 5.15pm UK time so it was touch and go whether our source in Europe would still be available. Luckily, and thanks to Charlotte’s skills of persuasion, the parts were secured!

However, now the problem was when they would arrive at our warehouse to be checked before sending them down to London.

Thankfully, they arrived first thing in the morning and were able to be despatched immediately.

After a nervous wait, our customer called later in the afternoon to say they had arrived but they were a different colour to what he was used to.

After all our hard work was it all going to be in vain?

But the parts were correct! The two pieces were fitted and full power restored to the rail network. We were thrilled everything got sorted (so was our customer!) and it just goes to show how much of an impact our work can have.

Our entire team, from Jon the Account Manager to Charlotte in Purchasing and all the people in our warehouse, worked together to find the parts required, and get them where they needed to be within the space of a few hours. This success story is testament to the hard work and dedication all our staff put in day in day out at Cyclops.

If you find yourself in a pickle like our rail network customer, you can call Cyclops Electronics on +44 (0)1904 415415 or email us here.

We will do all we can to find the parts required and get them out to you as soon as possible.

We love helping your business and being part of your happy ending!