Electronic Component Stocking and Distribution

At our heart is dynamic electronic component distributor, that is focused on delivering outstanding service with industry-leading quality and dependability.

  • Extensive Stockholding
  • (111,537 Line Items)
  • Anti-Counterfeit, Inspection and Testing Procedures and Allocation Solution Provider
  • Rapid Sourcing, Supply and Shipment of Shortage & Lead Time Components Electronic Component Service
  • 1 Year Money Back Quality Guarantee Programme


PCB Assembly & Electronic Manufacturing Services

The Cyclops Group has over a decade of experience providing PCB assembly and other electronic manufacturing services.

Our UK facility offers low to medium production runs at competitive prices.

  • PCB Assembly - from Design to Box Build
  • Low to Medium Volume Production Runs at Competitive Prices
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Rigorous End Product Inspection and Testing Procedures


Excess Inventory Management

Part of the Cyclops Group, the Trading Specialists team are experts at solving your excess, obsolete, EOL and slow moving electronic component inventories.

  • Excess Electronic Component Management Services
  • Immediate Appraisal of your Excess, EOL, Obsolete & Surplus Inventory
  • Instant Payment for your Excess Stock Service
  • Consignment Selling Options


Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

We also manage electronic and electro-mechanical component supply chains, allowing you to save on procurement costs and increase vital profit margins.

  • Low-Cost Supply Chain Services
  • Local Buffer Stock with Direct Line Feed / KanBan
  • Vendor Reduction Programme
  • Management of the Movement, Warehousing & Delivery of Material